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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alohas from Kauai~

On a 3 1/2 week vacation where I've explored, snorkeled, kayaked, hiked, ventured into new crowds and stretched beyond the comfortable, into the fearless~into the fun~into the freedom of living a life I love. Even in paradise, life exposes challenge~how can you face challenge in new and exhilarating ways? How can you move into the parts of you that are usually hidden? How can you become fearless? I've gotten to work with new clients here on Kauai, helping them release fears that were binding them and be free to move beyond those.
What mountains in you need moving?
***This picture is REAL and I took it~atop Waimea Canyon, overlooking the majestic Kalaulal Mountains

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anna Rose Goes Video!

Happy New Year!!! This is a BIG step, a brand new year~and I decided to have some fun with it!
Watch the first tip for 2012~by following this simple step, many exciting doors have opened for me and we're only a week in to the new year! How can you make room for the New Year, New You???
I'll be sharing more about those opening doors soon!

Blessedly Yours~
Anna Rose

Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's a New Year and mine's begun with a bang! I have been ripping up floorboards for my biz, which is a HUGE learning and refining adventure. A once rock dweller goes marketer...Why not?
In the past, the ogre's of webdesign, coding, ezines, etc would have been the dragons that made me pass by the lair all together~however! Its a new season, of life and will and determination and YES~RESOLUTION! In honor of living life full, to the hilt, the brim, beyond the oyster, I'm revamping the old and rewriting into the new...year :)

There are times as a writer that I feel exhausted, parched, all dried up~yet the piece of diving into my own resevoir time and again to find the hidden morsels that weren't so dry after all...maybe just a little covered over or weary, nothing a good refurbishing sheen, motivation, new perspective won't clear right up! To this wild adventure~cheers!!! (here's Bob, my dearest gnome friend, riding Velma Mae~his fierce, trusty transport through any jungled journey)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rubbing Elbows with Santa and The Wishlist..

In honor of the season and looking at the wishlist of my LIFE, I considered talking to the man himself, the one in red and white that is...So with long consideration, I began a shpeel, of my deepest desires and as I spoke and envisioned, my wishes became more vivid and Santa just listened. Then, after I was all finished, I realized the BIGness of my request and wondered if it was even possible. He leaned in close and spoke, I-in curiousity, then glee, then outrageous splendor at his response~realized, then and there, Ask and it is ALREADY given. Get out Your wishlist and start making checks on there, with every day, become your wishlist and slowly (or quickly) it will be yours. All you have to do is ask and move forward as its already done...And so it is. Click the link above for my weekly ezine on this very topic! Or take a peek here: www.eepurl.com/bQuib
Peace and Blessings, Anna Rose and a wooly St Nick

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Strength To Transform

To rewrite our lives, we must begin first with the uncomfortability of where we currently stand. In health, in finance, in career, in relationship~whatever it is, it must be awful before we decide to change it. To change ourselves and our circumstances from the inside out, there is one basic truth: Determination. This is the root of every aspect that will propel your transformation. To be determined to succeed, to heal, to be healthy and take on life, is the fuel you need to get wherever you must. Be resolute on your success, in the face of failure and others opinions, you must continue on. Push forward, face your fear, breakthrough blocks and rise up with the strenth of your WILL and be made new xoxo Your life depends on it! With Blessings, Anna Rose ***To receive my FREE Audio Report "What 700 Men Desire Most In a Woman" and get weekly intuitive inspirations~be sure to click the link above for Unleashing Intuition ezine:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Out With The Old...

Imagine undulating hills of moss green and fiery reds behind a foggy blanket, an old barn nestled amid this glorious expanse of varied farmlands that must roll on forever. The first settlers to Southern Oregon chose this very spot to park their wagon. I took a walk this weekend and this was one of my views. I relish the fall, I love every aspect of it-beginning chill, the exquisite display of color, the way the clouds roll in, all low and sultry. For me, Autumn is a time of great transformation, an opening between the worlds where the force of life is strong and capable of just about anything. Autumn's invitation of recreation, transformation and release. Cutting out the old, what no longer serves and making way for the new. Burn the old debris and welcome new growth...this week my Unleashing Intuition ezine is at: www.eepurl.com/bxXtT

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Relentless Beast

It's such a mixed bag, this life~for every day I live, there is trial, surprise, intrigue, thrill, fear and faith and that perhaps is the most imperative. As long as I live and as long as you live, this will be the case. It may be easy, to get caught up in the bulk of it, to be swallowed by the drama of all the things we let hold us back from actualizing our FULL POWER, FULL GLORY, FULL HEARTFUL ZEAL~today! This relentless beast that looms like an ominous cloud-just waiting to suck the life and goodness out of your fabulous visions is on the prowl for your slightest worry, your niggling fear, your tender and precious doubt. If it senses, even slightly those vulnerable hesitations, it will latch on for dear life and convince you that you aren't:
good enough
brave enough
strong enough
beautiful enough
capable, able, worthy, LOVABLE
The TRUTH is, you become what you believe you are~and as a creation of the Divine, you are fabulous beyond measure~so stop listening to the beast, throw it out the window and invite instead all the person you have the faith to become...
With Love,
Anna Rose
Here's a link to my weekly ezine~ http://eepurl.com/bo_Kb
ps this pic is of me, my sis, nephew Gussie~havin a ball with zeal and enthusiasm and of course, unabashed fun!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go For The Good

It is common to be in a pattern, to be ordinary, to be hum-drum...you were made for more than that. You know it. Playing small or average isn't serving anyone, it's time to raise the bar for what you want, what you expect and what you deserve~unleash your unique shine, whatever its hue and SHARE IT! You were given life do something with it, dare something worthy and go for the GOOD! Check out my weekly Ezine: http://eepurl.com/bkRn9
With Unfettered Flame, Anna Rose
This weeks pics were taken in New Zealand and at the Grand Canyon~lovin every minute of it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Own It

When all seems lost, begin again.
No matter who you are or where you are, step forward with your shoulders back, make right what went wrong and go get the life and the person you are made to be. Its both an art and a surrender, an availability to learn and apologize. We make mistakes and to own those, we acknowledge them and ask forgiveness~to people we've wronged and to ourselves. Dear ones, as long as you live, OWN IT!
Bless you well in all things,
Anna Rose
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ask and Receive

We become who we envision, we pray for, we believe in...the key to receiving the gift of our asking is moving forward as if its already happened. So often in the Bible, Jesus said it's ones faith which healed them. Do you believe your prayers will be answered~or that they've ALREADY been answered? You must have the faith that your dreams, desires and yearnings have already realized and God is placing them before you. Go get them and discover your awakened, faithful life! I chose this picture from my youth, as each of my siblings and myself came into the life pictured here...my brother sporting his elementary school sweatshirt is now a teacher; my sister with her dollies, now has 3 children and is adopting (at least) 2 more...then there's me, whose been the dreamer, the ponderer and the muse...
Are you living today a life that reflects your biggest wish??? Make it so...
Bless Your Journey,
Anna Rose
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Monday, September 20, 2010

What's In Your Daily Cup?

Are you drinking the Marrow Of Your Life or just getting by on grinds???
The juice of your cup is either life giving or depleting, feeding your betterment or shriveling you down. It IS possible for your life to be Nourishing, On Purpose, Feeding Every Morsel of YOUR Spirit, in Every Day. To live such a life, you must consider:
Where do I want to go?
Who do I want to be?
What is keeping me from my own Promised Land?
My work is to help you tap into the juice of your life and keep it flowing in your cup! I share with you tools to catapult you through blocks and beyond patterns so you start today living the life you know is possible.
Call today to set up a FREE 10 minute trial or a full reading with Anna Rose
(541) 535-4848
Blessings and Over Flow,
Anna Rose
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hats of the Spirit...

Throughout our lives, it is not only fun~but imperative to try on different ways of being, perceiving and dressing. Mix it up for delights sake and try something new, be a biker, a peddler, a business type, a dancer, royalty~whatever appeals and wear THAT hat, for today...why not? Could be just what the doctor ordered :) In honor of my own eclectic hat rack, a few memorabilia and the painting on top, done by the lovely and talented Ilene Gienger...
Peace and Blessings, Anna Rose
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Monday, September 6, 2010

A Bite Out Of LIFE!!!

...and everything dear. I have been grandly blessed with time-I spend it how I choose and that includes a pretty simple yet variable recipe, people I love and simple pleasures (such as this weeks)...
I love my nephews
I love figs
I love being good to my body
I love having fun! This week, Ive been helping one of my nephews make a doll, the other I gave a massage, I ran a 1/2 marathon (and then some) and have been dancing around my home and learning a new type of dance too~
Life is full, goes fast and is constantly providing new ways to mix it up~take a chance and GET OUT THERE~live it up and see what flavors you find :) Become interesting for a living! I dare ya and, know what???
You're worth it,
Figs and Jigs,
Anna Rose
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ignore it!!!

Click on RECORDED CONFERENCE to hear this weeks class! People will love to share their impressions, advice and opinion about what you're doing in your life--just to clear the air, this is very rarely of value to you. You gotta let this "honest process" be like water off a ducks back and let it roll! More often than not, this is the big oppressive thumb/extinguisher, when they see you are just a bit too....whatever. Its so much more interesting to be your unbridled self, whatever hat you wear, whatever your unique expression, be proud of it, pull those shoulders back and own it! With gusto or introversion, its yours!!! No matter what others say or how they treat you. Its a real pity to see what a little shaming can do to the spirit, don't support that kind of behavior, instead, uplift others and support their expression. The more we live life with all our unique quirkiness, the more we open the gates for others to do the same! So what are you waiting for, hmm? Pictured is my dear gnome Bob, he is a delight AND has ventured out far and wide. He has seen the underbelly of society and yet, look at him, choosing his company, putting himself out there and livin the dream!
My weekly ezine forUnleashing Intuition:

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Push...

At 5 o'clock this morning I was laying in bed considering, "am I pushy?" I realized in a millisecond~absolutely! Life itself inspires me deeply and drives me to live my calling fully, in big ways, no compromise. When you own who you are, sharing your gifts in unique expression-with everything you got, it may come across as pushy...When you embrace what drives you and LIVE IT, it will remove your fears, bring you closer to God, raise the bar of those around you and radically transform life as you know it. You will see a new version of yourself emerge and it will weed out the faint of heart, the mundane, the listless...and yes, to them, you may seem pushy~ You are made for greatness, go get it!
From my push to yours, Anna Rose
ps Yesterday I ran 12.5 miles, the last 4 I thought I would die. Were it not for the blackberries I stopped to enjoy at mile 9, I might have. It wasn't so much that I was tired, my body just felt done running...but! In came The Push and the realization that only my feet would get me home again... This is my brother in law Jake, telling a tale with fire, fun and push. Around him sit my dad, mom and his brother...I love each of their unique expressions in response to Jake's chili pepper way! We pushies make life interesting, enthused, inspired and yes, we may get a glare like the one on my dad's face. So be it! Rock the push!
...my weekly Unleashing Intuition ezine:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Take the Mic and Do Your Thing!!!

So there I was, a spectator at the Bike It, hooting and hollering for the OUTRAGEOUSLY talented BMX tricksters last Saturday, when the announcer turned and said to me, "you better take this" and handed me the mic! Well, I grabbed it with gusto and started rapping with no clue of the BMX lingo~so I focussed on revving the crowd and supporting those fellers impressing us all with their skills! It was righteous in every way! I was thrilled to be on the mic and filled with inspiration being amongst people doing what they love, with all their precision, determination and skill. People--- life is precious, fleeting, dynamic and opportunistic~dare something worthy...(pictured below is Ashlands very own Dave Nourie, rockin his bike in all his glory!!! AWESOME JOB MR DAVE!) To listen to this weeks 10 min class, click on RECORDED CONFERENCE above :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Be Play*FULL...

for the fun of it :)
This week~Me and my nephew blueberry pickin; my niece, nephews and I cuddling with the sillies on my bean bag...Bless your week and have a ball xo Anna Rose

Monday, August 2, 2010

Into The Great Wide Open

Something incredibly liberating takes place when one steps out, beyond routine and comfort, beyond the WHAT IF'S, fears & cavernous loop holes...When I let go & trust, when I stop holding on to an idea or a thought that no longer serves me, I feel absolutely uplifted and held by the arms of God, by Spirit, by the thing which is greater. Maya Angelou once referred to this as "the pulse of the morning", when I move over to let the faucet of the Divine over take me, the weight of my own worries are barely even a memory~instead, I am pulsing with purpose, with inspiration, with possibility. Open to life, every step of the way! Click on recorded conference above to listen to this weeks class~Bless Your Heart, Anna Rose
ps this weeks pics, my dad and his dad, sometime in the late 1950's. Both of these men lived in unconventional, large, spirited ways! In honor of my lineage AND in celebration of the preciousness of our days on the planet, this is an ode to Pardsie and EP xoxo, with love from a rosebud at rest

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Risk It...

This weeks blog won't be verbose~our class is about risk, the importance of taking them often and challenging our inner workings in EVERY DAY to embody more life than we know how. Risk it all--for love, for life and for Heavens sake! Click on recorded conference above to get this weeks dose of Inspiration :) Love, blessings and outrageous blade walking....AR
ps this pic is one of those that just feels like a risk to post, so I am doing it :) Halloween 2008 I played Aunt Sam and call this photo~"Who Me?"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Your Friends

I am so blessed to have people in various locales that I consider not only friends, but bosom dear ones. There may be ages between visits and months go by without a word, but I know if ever I come around their neck o'the woods, I will be embraced with loving arms, hearts and time. I have spent the last days amongst friends in Northern California, getting to know new ones too and it has blessed my heart boldly and opened up even more authenticity in getting to know people, more deeply every time we meet. I encourage you to be curious, about old friends and new, to ask questions and listen, to be open to seeing the radiance of new faces, of familiars, just as if its the first time you look upon them. I have seen in this visit, my old impressions change into ones of absolute relish and tickle*ment! Get to know your friends all over and love em real good ;)
With Love and Curiousity,
Anna Rose
ps Just the blog this week, no new Recorded Conference~Im busy playing and frolicking and will even spend a day at the hotsprings! (...and I took this pic an hour ago of me and one of my favorite people, darling Michelle-my long time friend, play time companion and sister of all things girly, fabulous and dear! Not to mention our birthdays are perfect neighbors, the 28th and 29th of November :) )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Early Morn and Coy...

I wake up early, anywhere between 4 and 530 in the morning~on purpose mind you and there are a few specific reasons, I relish the:
Pastel moments of daybreak
Crisp fresh air and
Stillness of sound.
I live in the hills, where my morn cacophony includes the call of my sisters rooster, hungry Stellar's Jay and the soothing waterfall of my coy pond. The fish sometimes leap grandly in these hours and I oft sit on my porch, writing and sipping tea, as I am now. It's a relishing time for me and I recognize the days that I don't take this, I feel either a little frenzied or as Ive forgotten something major..In recognition of this, I make it a point to start my day off in a way I know I will appreciate for the rest of my waking hours. I run, write, tea and pray all before 7 am. My encouragement to you is to relish the hours of day that you do, discover a new something just for you in that time~whether it be the wee daybreak or the witching hours and on where late night becomes early morning. Take time for you, away from your household, phone calls, work and listen to the sounds of your own quiet...
Blessings, Anna Rose this weeks pics were both taken in Germany, about 4 years ago~one in appreciation of Gods kiss in the morning and another in appreciation of a good latte...foamed heart and all :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boxing My Shadow~K'naan

This weeks class goes out to the struggle, the wrestle within of fear, habit, comfort, illusory ideas of happiness...I have talked with a lot of folk this week, my own personal dialogue included that are coming upon this thing of fear as we embark upon the big*ness of our calling. I got to visit with my Mama a little bit this week and we were discussing how scary it is to follow our passion and drive into the unknown! Its a mystery, but we must uncover it. Let us be explorers who embrace the struggle, bring it on board and recognize it's use as a deck hand at least! I have been listening to K'naan after a lovely woman I know recommended his music my way. So much that he sings of is this struggle to continue, to persevere in the direction we are certain we must-even if it scares us to our bones, shakes our foundation and we kick and scream to avoid its call...the struggle you see, is the struggle within. Let's wrap our arms around it, take it running in the hills and shout to our hearts betterment, whatever we must do to proceed into the grandeur of our lives xxxxx
Blessings and Boxing,
Anna Rose
ps In honor of the struggle itself and using its fuel for furthering my own healing, I've begun training for my first marathon :) Amongst my ipod mix for running my aches and fears out is this song of K'naan...check it, its great! You can listen to this weeks class on RECORDED CONFERENCE above or call (605)475-4899, access code 200564#

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let the beauty you love...

Be what you do~ Rumi
This phrase has been up a lot this week, as I have observed the cowboy that lives across the road from me, spending time with his horses and lasso in the summer morning sun. I like to see him, out there in hat and blue jeans, it brings a rush of endearment to witness he and his horses relationship. Further down the road lives an older gentleman who tends his sheep and nods every time I pass. There is a simple beauty akin to my heart as a lovers sweet kiss to interact with people whom are in love with what they do. It makes me more full just to have them in my day. Even if just in passing or from afar. A few nights ago, I went to the Green Show, which is a nightly performance of varying talent and origin. Playing that night was the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, led by a conductor whom I could not take my eyes off of. His charisma and passion, attention and presence were absolutely magnetic, watching his focus changed me and represented so eloquently, another human being in love with being human. If we can find something so dear to our hearts, that makes our blood pump with a waking fervor and deliciousness, we have indeed found something worthy of our time, our attention and our hearts. Run after it and grab hold, you never know whose life you will heal~sometimes your own, or the girl across the road. My deepest thanks to all the beautiful representations of love I have known in my life xoxo
Blessings to all,
Anna Rosebud
Pics this week are of the Orchestra leader in all his delightful glory and me, in my outdoor kitchen~one of my favorite spots to love what I do...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Streeeeetch It!

This was my GREATEST bus and I called it Mr Goodbus. It's hard to tell in this pic~the van was high centered and the front right tire suspended mid air. I had gotten stuck in deep rocky ground whilst exploring near the Hoover Dam some years ago, I had a friend pushing the van to help get it moving again. He pushed and pushed and finally the van moved! Rather than taking it slow to turn around and get back on the road, I tore as fast as the bus would go through a rocky road (whose end was NOWHERE in sight!) and thought I could definately jump the 2 foot mound of dirt keeping me from safe solid ground...shortly there after I took this photo. It was not a disaster, nor the end of Mr Goodbus, just a learning situation that sometimes the way to freedom is not by going pedal to the metal in reaction, but seeking another route to get there..which in this case, was provided by 2 kind men from Idaho whom had 4 wheel drive and a big tow rope :)
Do you ever look at a situation and say, I could never do that! Well, if I have discovered one thing in my 30 years it would be either:
a) Never say never
b) If its uncomfortable, you're probably on the right track
I'm sending out a blanket encouragement to take your comfort zone, amplify it twice, see where you'd like to: go, grow, compliment someone, create anew, become more, become less, get in the grit, the fire, talk when you want to stay shut up and be quiet when you wanna talk. The imperative piece here is to look at why we do the things we do and assess if its serving us or hindering us.
Check out this weeks class by clicking above or dial (605)475-4899, access code 200564#
With Wreckless Abandon and Jousting Sticks,
Anna Rose

Monday, June 7, 2010

Who's Your Farmer?

Well how-do friends! Summer is upon us and my garden is growing strong, full of chard, kale, Walla Walla sweet onions, jalepenos, squashes, basil and a glorious array of flowers. I am in deep love with the scarlet begonias outside my window, their brilliance and opening brings music to my spirit. This is the first of 20 weeks I will be getting a Community Supported Agriculture box full of veggies from local farms in my area. I'm pleased as punch! I want to encourage all of you to shop at your growers markets, in your local co-op, learn about farms and farmers in your area~they are great people, going to the old school and driven passionately by what they do. If you never have, take a tour of a farm near you, you are sure to be inspired by their moving way of living life, connected to the seasons, the land and outstandingly, making the most of every day! Blessings and Home Grown Tomatoes, Anna Rose (Thanks to Maud for the veggie pic and for the glorious CSA box!)