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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ask and Receive

We become who we envision, we pray for, we believe in...the key to receiving the gift of our asking is moving forward as if its already happened. So often in the Bible, Jesus said it's ones faith which healed them. Do you believe your prayers will be answered~or that they've ALREADY been answered? You must have the faith that your dreams, desires and yearnings have already realized and God is placing them before you. Go get them and discover your awakened, faithful life! I chose this picture from my youth, as each of my siblings and myself came into the life pictured here...my brother sporting his elementary school sweatshirt is now a teacher; my sister with her dollies, now has 3 children and is adopting (at least) 2 more...then there's me, whose been the dreamer, the ponderer and the muse...
Are you living today a life that reflects your biggest wish??? Make it so...
Bless Your Journey,
Anna Rose
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  1. This picture and description actually made my cry sissy :) How precious and profound- ha! Who would have known