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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boxing My Shadow~K'naan

This weeks class goes out to the struggle, the wrestle within of fear, habit, comfort, illusory ideas of happiness...I have talked with a lot of folk this week, my own personal dialogue included that are coming upon this thing of fear as we embark upon the big*ness of our calling. I got to visit with my Mama a little bit this week and we were discussing how scary it is to follow our passion and drive into the unknown! Its a mystery, but we must uncover it. Let us be explorers who embrace the struggle, bring it on board and recognize it's use as a deck hand at least! I have been listening to K'naan after a lovely woman I know recommended his music my way. So much that he sings of is this struggle to continue, to persevere in the direction we are certain we must-even if it scares us to our bones, shakes our foundation and we kick and scream to avoid its call...the struggle you see, is the struggle within. Let's wrap our arms around it, take it running in the hills and shout to our hearts betterment, whatever we must do to proceed into the grandeur of our lives xxxxx
Blessings and Boxing,
Anna Rose
ps In honor of the struggle itself and using its fuel for furthering my own healing, I've begun training for my first marathon :) Amongst my ipod mix for running my aches and fears out is this song of K'naan...check it, its great! You can listen to this weeks class on RECORDED CONFERENCE above or call (605)475-4899, access code 200564#

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let the beauty you love...

Be what you do~ Rumi
This phrase has been up a lot this week, as I have observed the cowboy that lives across the road from me, spending time with his horses and lasso in the summer morning sun. I like to see him, out there in hat and blue jeans, it brings a rush of endearment to witness he and his horses relationship. Further down the road lives an older gentleman who tends his sheep and nods every time I pass. There is a simple beauty akin to my heart as a lovers sweet kiss to interact with people whom are in love with what they do. It makes me more full just to have them in my day. Even if just in passing or from afar. A few nights ago, I went to the Green Show, which is a nightly performance of varying talent and origin. Playing that night was the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, led by a conductor whom I could not take my eyes off of. His charisma and passion, attention and presence were absolutely magnetic, watching his focus changed me and represented so eloquently, another human being in love with being human. If we can find something so dear to our hearts, that makes our blood pump with a waking fervor and deliciousness, we have indeed found something worthy of our time, our attention and our hearts. Run after it and grab hold, you never know whose life you will heal~sometimes your own, or the girl across the road. My deepest thanks to all the beautiful representations of love I have known in my life xoxo
Blessings to all,
Anna Rosebud
Pics this week are of the Orchestra leader in all his delightful glory and me, in my outdoor kitchen~one of my favorite spots to love what I do...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Streeeeetch It!

This was my GREATEST bus and I called it Mr Goodbus. It's hard to tell in this pic~the van was high centered and the front right tire suspended mid air. I had gotten stuck in deep rocky ground whilst exploring near the Hoover Dam some years ago, I had a friend pushing the van to help get it moving again. He pushed and pushed and finally the van moved! Rather than taking it slow to turn around and get back on the road, I tore as fast as the bus would go through a rocky road (whose end was NOWHERE in sight!) and thought I could definately jump the 2 foot mound of dirt keeping me from safe solid ground...shortly there after I took this photo. It was not a disaster, nor the end of Mr Goodbus, just a learning situation that sometimes the way to freedom is not by going pedal to the metal in reaction, but seeking another route to get there..which in this case, was provided by 2 kind men from Idaho whom had 4 wheel drive and a big tow rope :)
Do you ever look at a situation and say, I could never do that! Well, if I have discovered one thing in my 30 years it would be either:
a) Never say never
b) If its uncomfortable, you're probably on the right track
I'm sending out a blanket encouragement to take your comfort zone, amplify it twice, see where you'd like to: go, grow, compliment someone, create anew, become more, become less, get in the grit, the fire, talk when you want to stay shut up and be quiet when you wanna talk. The imperative piece here is to look at why we do the things we do and assess if its serving us or hindering us.
Check out this weeks class by clicking above or dial (605)475-4899, access code 200564#
With Wreckless Abandon and Jousting Sticks,
Anna Rose

Monday, June 7, 2010

Who's Your Farmer?

Well how-do friends! Summer is upon us and my garden is growing strong, full of chard, kale, Walla Walla sweet onions, jalepenos, squashes, basil and a glorious array of flowers. I am in deep love with the scarlet begonias outside my window, their brilliance and opening brings music to my spirit. This is the first of 20 weeks I will be getting a Community Supported Agriculture box full of veggies from local farms in my area. I'm pleased as punch! I want to encourage all of you to shop at your growers markets, in your local co-op, learn about farms and farmers in your area~they are great people, going to the old school and driven passionately by what they do. If you never have, take a tour of a farm near you, you are sure to be inspired by their moving way of living life, connected to the seasons, the land and outstandingly, making the most of every day! Blessings and Home Grown Tomatoes, Anna Rose (Thanks to Maud for the veggie pic and for the glorious CSA box!)