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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Me A River

Well hello! Its a lovely day in Southern Oregon, I rose so very early, long before the sun whilst one lone bird began its song. It was an action-esque beginning, with thoughts of running through Lithia Park and black tea, a new laptop (just bought!!!) and inspiration bubbling gingerly in my brain!

I spent some time writing in my journal, ideas and intentions for the day and ones to come. One of my main hats is that of a fitness coach and many of my tasks are surrounding that!
It is such a groovy thing for me~I talk to people about exercise, yes-but more prominently, about FEELING great!
happy attitude+eating clean (I'll go into that more in a bit..)+rigorous exercise=Overall fabulousness and uncanny way of delighting in every little thing!
It might seem like a stretch to write that these things can make you positively wonderful, but it may just be THAT SIMPLE!
I'm of the garden variety, eating LOTS of green veggies-especially now that spring is here!!!-and lean protein, nori wraps and SHAKEOLOGY! (http://www.shakeology.com/)
My new fav snack is a raw zucchini with goat cheese which I had for a semi breakfast aperitif, seriously YUM! Its a simple Chevre, but delicious none the less...
I'm a BIG lover of animal protein and just finished a bowl of lean ground beef with tamari and a nori sheet, of course...
There are some people who seem to be fine in eating this that or the other item from an unknown or possibly highly manufactured source. As it were, I am not allowed such an open range of shelved goods, my body hollers out like a swollen banshee if I go near most processed foods...
maybe its a blessing in packaged disguise!
Life is so curious to me and the more days go by, the more I discover that. It is such a juicy landscape and rich opportune of just about any oysterish filling one desires.
To make it officially official, I will share a few of my most prominent dreams:
*To live on a rolling plot of land with green pastures and flowered fields, lambies and chickens running all over, a big tree house for teas and time, a rope swing to play on a and a swimable body of water. I have my dream dog all pictured and just named her Dandy Poof. She is a white samoyed, whom I have yet to meet, but feel her running my way with a big charming smile and a heart for adventures!
*I want to share love and hope and inspiration in all things, to be a reminder of the goodness of the heart and its soaring possibilities!

*Support others to find their way, their rhythm, their personal truth, to go after dreams and goals and a lifestyle they've ever dreamed of! I know my work with Beachbody is the IDEAL pathway to unlocking those inner morsels that sometimes get forgotten in the every dayness of living.
...So theres a few snippets from my world, my day, my heart. Oh, my exercise this morn was a run to and through Lithia Park, up into the hills and down to my cottage again...I made a new musical medley for the occasion~Does anyone else love Rod Stewart like I do?
***HOT LEGS!!!!