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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rubbing Elbows with Santa and The Wishlist..

In honor of the season and looking at the wishlist of my LIFE, I considered talking to the man himself, the one in red and white that is...So with long consideration, I began a shpeel, of my deepest desires and as I spoke and envisioned, my wishes became more vivid and Santa just listened. Then, after I was all finished, I realized the BIGness of my request and wondered if it was even possible. He leaned in close and spoke, I-in curiousity, then glee, then outrageous splendor at his response~realized, then and there, Ask and it is ALREADY given. Get out Your wishlist and start making checks on there, with every day, become your wishlist and slowly (or quickly) it will be yours. All you have to do is ask and move forward as its already done...And so it is. Click the link above for my weekly ezine on this very topic! Or take a peek here: www.eepurl.com/bQuib
Peace and Blessings, Anna Rose and a wooly St Nick