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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ignore it!!!

Click on RECORDED CONFERENCE to hear this weeks class! People will love to share their impressions, advice and opinion about what you're doing in your life--just to clear the air, this is very rarely of value to you. You gotta let this "honest process" be like water off a ducks back and let it roll! More often than not, this is the big oppressive thumb/extinguisher, when they see you are just a bit too....whatever. Its so much more interesting to be your unbridled self, whatever hat you wear, whatever your unique expression, be proud of it, pull those shoulders back and own it! With gusto or introversion, its yours!!! No matter what others say or how they treat you. Its a real pity to see what a little shaming can do to the spirit, don't support that kind of behavior, instead, uplift others and support their expression. The more we live life with all our unique quirkiness, the more we open the gates for others to do the same! So what are you waiting for, hmm? Pictured is my dear gnome Bob, he is a delight AND has ventured out far and wide. He has seen the underbelly of society and yet, look at him, choosing his company, putting himself out there and livin the dream!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Push...

At 5 o'clock this morning I was laying in bed considering, "am I pushy?" I realized in a millisecond~absolutely! Life itself inspires me deeply and drives me to live my calling fully, in big ways, no compromise. When you own who you are, sharing your gifts in unique expression-with everything you got, it may come across as pushy...When you embrace what drives you and LIVE IT, it will remove your fears, bring you closer to God, raise the bar of those around you and radically transform life as you know it. You will see a new version of yourself emerge and it will weed out the faint of heart, the mundane, the listless...and yes, to them, you may seem pushy~ You are made for greatness, go get it!
From my push to yours, Anna Rose
ps Yesterday I ran 12.5 miles, the last 4 I thought I would die. Were it not for the blackberries I stopped to enjoy at mile 9, I might have. It wasn't so much that I was tired, my body just felt done running...but! In came The Push and the realization that only my feet would get me home again... This is my brother in law Jake, telling a tale with fire, fun and push. Around him sit my dad, mom and his brother...I love each of their unique expressions in response to Jake's chili pepper way! We pushies make life interesting, enthused, inspired and yes, we may get a glare like the one on my dad's face. So be it! Rock the push!
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Take the Mic and Do Your Thing!!!

So there I was, a spectator at the Bike It, hooting and hollering for the OUTRAGEOUSLY talented BMX tricksters last Saturday, when the announcer turned and said to me, "you better take this" and handed me the mic! Well, I grabbed it with gusto and started rapping with no clue of the BMX lingo~so I focussed on revving the crowd and supporting those fellers impressing us all with their skills! It was righteous in every way! I was thrilled to be on the mic and filled with inspiration being amongst people doing what they love, with all their precision, determination and skill. People--- life is precious, fleeting, dynamic and opportunistic~dare something worthy...(pictured below is Ashlands very own Dave Nourie, rockin his bike in all his glory!!! AWESOME JOB MR DAVE!) To listen to this weeks 10 min class, click on RECORDED CONFERENCE above :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Be Play*FULL...

for the fun of it :)
This week~Me and my nephew blueberry pickin; my niece, nephews and I cuddling with the sillies on my bean bag...Bless your week and have a ball xo Anna Rose

Monday, August 2, 2010

Into The Great Wide Open

Something incredibly liberating takes place when one steps out, beyond routine and comfort, beyond the WHAT IF'S, fears & cavernous loop holes...When I let go & trust, when I stop holding on to an idea or a thought that no longer serves me, I feel absolutely uplifted and held by the arms of God, by Spirit, by the thing which is greater. Maya Angelou once referred to this as "the pulse of the morning", when I move over to let the faucet of the Divine over take me, the weight of my own worries are barely even a memory~instead, I am pulsing with purpose, with inspiration, with possibility. Open to life, every step of the way! Click on recorded conference above to listen to this weeks class~Bless Your Heart, Anna Rose
ps this weeks pics, my dad and his dad, sometime in the late 1950's. Both of these men lived in unconventional, large, spirited ways! In honor of my lineage AND in celebration of the preciousness of our days on the planet, this is an ode to Pardsie and EP xoxo, with love from a rosebud at rest