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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Push...

At 5 o'clock this morning I was laying in bed considering, "am I pushy?" I realized in a millisecond~absolutely! Life itself inspires me deeply and drives me to live my calling fully, in big ways, no compromise. When you own who you are, sharing your gifts in unique expression-with everything you got, it may come across as pushy...When you embrace what drives you and LIVE IT, it will remove your fears, bring you closer to God, raise the bar of those around you and radically transform life as you know it. You will see a new version of yourself emerge and it will weed out the faint of heart, the mundane, the listless...and yes, to them, you may seem pushy~ You are made for greatness, go get it!
From my push to yours, Anna Rose
ps Yesterday I ran 12.5 miles, the last 4 I thought I would die. Were it not for the blackberries I stopped to enjoy at mile 9, I might have. It wasn't so much that I was tired, my body just felt done running...but! In came The Push and the realization that only my feet would get me home again... This is my brother in law Jake, telling a tale with fire, fun and push. Around him sit my dad, mom and his brother...I love each of their unique expressions in response to Jake's chili pepper way! We pushies make life interesting, enthused, inspired and yes, we may get a glare like the one on my dad's face. So be it! Rock the push!
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