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Monday, September 28, 2009

Blog Every Mountain...until you find your dream <3

(A few years back, my friend Willy-with the binoculars, and I in the army cap-met in New Zealand...here we are, looking for adventures and basking in the delights of a Giants chair!)
To hear my talk this week about Living In*Joy & Inspiration call (605)475-4899, access code 200564# Here's a breakdown...
A beautiful morn in the neighborhood, birds are a'squawking, a'chirping and I'm a'singing...A new week has officially begun, its Monday morn~the day for standing at the helm and looking ashore, to the days ahead/afoot with all their fruit and possibility. I absolutely relish this time of year, the vibrant changing of leaves & crisp re-introduced to our air. I oft times wish I could curl up in a cup of Autumn splendor and enjoy an endless brew...but as life and seasons go, every thing is ephemeral-so what else to do, but enjoy it all, just as it is, just for now!
Amid the hub of my last days, I see that's really all it ever comes down to~enjoying what is, making the best of any given scenario and if something is no longer delicious or functional-toss it.
My writings and classes are on life and how to live it well. What that means is making choices, constantly and with focus, that bring us closer or into the feelings/situations/life we desire. I am a BIG proponent of surrounding oneself with people, stories, aesthetic pleasures that keep the mind and heart on track, ever moving in the direction of our dreams & goals. I talk about simplicity a lot because we tend to make a mountain of a mole hill, complaining about the intricacies of our own sob story, but really, most things aren't THAT big of a deal. I once heard someone say, if you want less drama in your life-cut out the drama...haha! Simple but true! If there is a story you are living, that is no longer serving you, not beneficial, weighing you down, squelching your spirit~I encourage you to take a look at why you are continuing to subject yourself to it and consider cutting that piece of drama out of your life. I have shared many times in my classes the importance of who (and what) we surround ourselves with. The more positivity you are around, the better you will feel. The more good people, poetry, & pumpkins you surround yourself with, the more delight*filled your days will be. So let today be the day where you say, no more mediocrity! I am worth every fabulous thing and experience. I am the ONLY one who can live out my dreams and in today, I choose to begin the journey toward them! ps If you aren't sure of what your dreams and goals are, take time today to discover them, write those puppies down on paper and keep 'em visible! Move in THAT direction and you cannot go wrong! Meanwhile, lots of fluff will fall by the wayside and you'll wonder how you ever got caught up in such menial mire...come on sing it with me, CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN, FORD EVERY STREAM, FOLLOW EVERY RAINBOW, TILL YOU FIND YOUR DREAM xoxo Blessings and Love xoxo (This pic was taken in the luscious Italian alps, not far from where Julie Andrews sang this song :))

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog a little blog...

Greetings friends! It's Monday eve, an hour before I teach my class on Living In*Joy and Inspiration and I am quite tickled about it! Every week I focus on a different aspect of living deliciously and you can ALWAYS call in to listen to the latest recording at (605)475-4899, access code 200564#. Its totally free and usually quite fun! You see, each week leading up to my tele-class, I keep mental notes of things going on in my own life~home, community, observations, experiences, you get the picture..and this week, like all preceding, there has been a very specific theme. This is delightfully how it works! For example, I hear story after story with a common thread~bata bing, bata boom, the subject for my class is born!
The boisterously pronounced lesson of this week is:
Speak Your Truth/Live Your Truth
This means, know who you are and what your standards/morals are & keep 'em close to your heart no matter what! I am continually surprised by the choices people make while crying a different tune. The lesson is simple walk your walk, whether it be in a crowd or at home alone. If you live by your truth, it will be evident in all you do. I recognize it is sometimes a lonely road, but I would much rather be on a unpopulated path with myself and a few dear friends, than sloughing in a mob wandering among their own lies. What about you?
When we know who we are and share that-with heart, with integrity, with confidence it will touch all who meet us! And beyond. I always wonder at those ripples and how they are delightfully making their way, from my heart to yours, then the next ripple and next!
No matter what you are saying, if you believe it and live by it, you will show others that they too can hold out for their dreams. This is a KEY FACTOR in refusing mediocrity, never settle and keep thinking/envisioning/praying for what you want!!! I hear a lot of people who are making decisions based only upon the options before them. Please trust that it is not beyond the realm of possibility for your dreams/wishes/goals to fall from the sky. It happens ALL THE TIME!!!
Just begin moving towards them...
My classes are simple because the basics in life are! Thankfully so! All we must do is move forward from what we know is right, choose what is right and always, live it~outrageously, authentically, pragmatically, perfectly adapted to you and your way! We can all sniff out a liar, a fake, a poser from a mile (or an inch) away. Don't be that guy~just be you! The result can only be utterly respectable and gorgeous!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello friend! Life is so good! It's richness and new prospects never cease to amaze me, every day provides an opportunity to change/shift/refurbish an old aspect into a dazzling one. I heard recently that 95% of the thoughts we had yesterday, we had the previous day and the one before that! So! If our thoughts are a whole muck of repetition, why not spruce it up a bit?

Here is a picture of me before I went to model for an art class at the local University. Its theme, as you may note, was stripes :) I have always loved playing dress up, so when I am asked to do so I get right into my element! It is a chance for me to be thematical, fun and creative in a focussed sort of way! What a treat!
There truly is something to be said about the life that is lived with passion, with heart, with purpose and the inner flame a'burnin! In addition to supporting myself in ways that are fun, playful and rewarding on the art scene, I also get to help others take care of their physical bodies (which helps the mind too!) through fitness coaching :)

What that means is taking care of ones needs from the inside out. When we cover the basic recipes desired by our heart, we can blossom in any arena we choose. It is a special thing when the internal work begins an outer expression. Sometimes an outer work begins an inner expression too! If you are looking for a way to get in touch with that expression, internal flame, special juice that is unique to YOU, I am hosting weekly conference calls about inspiration and joy that you are welcome to join! I will love to have you on the call. They will be Monday evenings from 6:00-6:20 PST, its free and anonymous if you choose! Please call (605) 475-4850, then dial access code 200564# . If you miss the live call, you can still listen in! Just dial (605)475-4899 access code 200564#!

I look forward to "seeing" you there!

With Love and The Living Of It,

xo Anna Rose

~We are such stuff as dreams are made on...~

W Shakespeare

Monday, June 8, 2009

So Many Blogs, So Little Time...

I have recently come into something remarkably fun~I think I have more energy than I ever remember in my adult life, in fact I mostly feel about age 5...(ps that's me 2nd from the right in all my 5 year old glory!)
Perhaps there is something about the coming of summer that inspires my feet and heart and brings about this sense like I am shooting out of the earth like a happy spring Dandy..

So, I have decided with all this energy to do a couple of things:

*Add new passions to my plate of everyday bliss~not just the flowery stuff, I mean really, looking at what my future wants to be and moving forth on THAT note (for my plethora of interests, it looks more like a symphony than a singular note)

*Dance or run every night (last night I went for a jog through town and hills at 9pm, a delicious time of eve this season!) in addition to my mornings workout

*Choose differently than I am used to...

What that means is, in order to change a story in ones life, there need to be different steps taken to alter the path one is on. Breaking out of a comfort zone to open into a completely (or even slightly) new way of being!

So if its changing something in your diet, upping your activity level, paying your bills early, calling a friend that you've been thinking about or getting involved in a new aspect of your community, just do it!

You'll probably feel quite pleased in the NEW action and also its outcome! So switch it up a bit and go get your dreams!!!

A little activity:

Think of what you REALLY want your life to look like when you are 100, when you are 90, when you are 80 and so on. Work your way down to now and see, are you on a path to your deepest passions? If not, what shift can you make to bring those into your horizon?
...These are my grandparents, who were married for over 70 years and each lived into their 90's...Love makes the heart grow stronger xo
Blessings on the journey,

In love and every wonder filled thing xo

Anna Rose (That is Anna Rose in the font webdings...what exactly is that for anyway??)

Monday, June 1, 2009

That's where I B(e)LO(n)G...

Why HOW DO!!! A few days back a friend asked me how to substitute fitness bands for a pullup bar like they do on P90X...so being the curious kind of gal that I am, I discovered a couple of things (as follows..)
* there is a little rubber circular band Beachbody sells that makes my own contraption seem a little ghetto...
* where there's a will, there's a way!
So I wrapped my band around the top hinge of my bathroom door, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THE ACTION in my cottage...so now I can't just walk by, letting it continue its idle hanging--in turn am doing the equivelant of dozens upon dozens of pullups a day! My arms are in serious love! AND THANKS!!! (So here I am to the left, saying Oh Why Not, to another round of band work :))
I spent some time this week with a friend at Lithia Park, playing frisbee in the grass and learning about a deliciously refreshing springtime drink o' the garden...
Heres what I like to put in mine:

*Cilantro handful and or Parsley
* small apple
* 1/2 zucchini or cucumber
*3 radish
*collards or kale (approx 5 leaves)
* lemon juice, 3 ice cubes, cup water
* carrots, celery, you get the picture at this point I'm sure!
I then whirl it all up in my vita-mix and VOILA::::: Refreshing, exhuberating, joyful making, lovely tasting!
In other news, I am very happy to write that 2 of my art pieces (one oil painting and one poem) were chosen to be featured in the 2010 We'Moon date planner~a calendar for women, by women! It would be cool to see a men's version of this come out...is there such a thing?
I am blessed to have men in my life who have defined goodness, love, honor, devotion, integrity and heart, men who have gone against what the social norms are at present, to follow their truths and love their people, love their families, love themselves.
I would like to encourage you gents who follow the knightly path, chivalry needn't be a lost art. What is truly masculine is a beautiful thing to be learned from, it is a celebration! So to you men, who are of true heart and mind, who are steadfast in your vision, probably a bit old school, let us lift our glasses, our garden green drinks, our thanks! Bless you all well, in health, in heart, in all things inspired and wonder filled!!! You carry with you a powerful legacy. Here are the two most precious boys in my world, my nephews Finny and Gus~being raised by my sis and one of the best men I know!!! Love ya Jake xoxo

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Me A River

Well hello! Its a lovely day in Southern Oregon, I rose so very early, long before the sun whilst one lone bird began its song. It was an action-esque beginning, with thoughts of running through Lithia Park and black tea, a new laptop (just bought!!!) and inspiration bubbling gingerly in my brain!

I spent some time writing in my journal, ideas and intentions for the day and ones to come. One of my main hats is that of a fitness coach and many of my tasks are surrounding that!
It is such a groovy thing for me~I talk to people about exercise, yes-but more prominently, about FEELING great!
happy attitude+eating clean (I'll go into that more in a bit..)+rigorous exercise=Overall fabulousness and uncanny way of delighting in every little thing!
It might seem like a stretch to write that these things can make you positively wonderful, but it may just be THAT SIMPLE!
I'm of the garden variety, eating LOTS of green veggies-especially now that spring is here!!!-and lean protein, nori wraps and SHAKEOLOGY! (http://www.shakeology.com/)
My new fav snack is a raw zucchini with goat cheese which I had for a semi breakfast aperitif, seriously YUM! Its a simple Chevre, but delicious none the less...
I'm a BIG lover of animal protein and just finished a bowl of lean ground beef with tamari and a nori sheet, of course...
There are some people who seem to be fine in eating this that or the other item from an unknown or possibly highly manufactured source. As it were, I am not allowed such an open range of shelved goods, my body hollers out like a swollen banshee if I go near most processed foods...
maybe its a blessing in packaged disguise!
Life is so curious to me and the more days go by, the more I discover that. It is such a juicy landscape and rich opportune of just about any oysterish filling one desires.
To make it officially official, I will share a few of my most prominent dreams:
*To live on a rolling plot of land with green pastures and flowered fields, lambies and chickens running all over, a big tree house for teas and time, a rope swing to play on a and a swimable body of water. I have my dream dog all pictured and just named her Dandy Poof. She is a white samoyed, whom I have yet to meet, but feel her running my way with a big charming smile and a heart for adventures!
*I want to share love and hope and inspiration in all things, to be a reminder of the goodness of the heart and its soaring possibilities!

*Support others to find their way, their rhythm, their personal truth, to go after dreams and goals and a lifestyle they've ever dreamed of! I know my work with Beachbody is the IDEAL pathway to unlocking those inner morsels that sometimes get forgotten in the every dayness of living.
...So theres a few snippets from my world, my day, my heart. Oh, my exercise this morn was a run to and through Lithia Park, up into the hills and down to my cottage again...I made a new musical medley for the occasion~Does anyone else love Rod Stewart like I do?
***HOT LEGS!!!!