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Monday, June 8, 2009

So Many Blogs, So Little Time...

I have recently come into something remarkably fun~I think I have more energy than I ever remember in my adult life, in fact I mostly feel about age 5...(ps that's me 2nd from the right in all my 5 year old glory!)
Perhaps there is something about the coming of summer that inspires my feet and heart and brings about this sense like I am shooting out of the earth like a happy spring Dandy..

So, I have decided with all this energy to do a couple of things:

*Add new passions to my plate of everyday bliss~not just the flowery stuff, I mean really, looking at what my future wants to be and moving forth on THAT note (for my plethora of interests, it looks more like a symphony than a singular note)

*Dance or run every night (last night I went for a jog through town and hills at 9pm, a delicious time of eve this season!) in addition to my mornings workout

*Choose differently than I am used to...

What that means is, in order to change a story in ones life, there need to be different steps taken to alter the path one is on. Breaking out of a comfort zone to open into a completely (or even slightly) new way of being!

So if its changing something in your diet, upping your activity level, paying your bills early, calling a friend that you've been thinking about or getting involved in a new aspect of your community, just do it!

You'll probably feel quite pleased in the NEW action and also its outcome! So switch it up a bit and go get your dreams!!!

A little activity:

Think of what you REALLY want your life to look like when you are 100, when you are 90, when you are 80 and so on. Work your way down to now and see, are you on a path to your deepest passions? If not, what shift can you make to bring those into your horizon?
...These are my grandparents, who were married for over 70 years and each lived into their 90's...Love makes the heart grow stronger xo
Blessings on the journey,

In love and every wonder filled thing xo

Anna Rose (That is Anna Rose in the font webdings...what exactly is that for anyway??)

Monday, June 1, 2009

That's where I B(e)LO(n)G...

Why HOW DO!!! A few days back a friend asked me how to substitute fitness bands for a pullup bar like they do on P90X...so being the curious kind of gal that I am, I discovered a couple of things (as follows..)
* there is a little rubber circular band Beachbody sells that makes my own contraption seem a little ghetto...
* where there's a will, there's a way!
So I wrapped my band around the top hinge of my bathroom door, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THE ACTION in my cottage...so now I can't just walk by, letting it continue its idle hanging--in turn am doing the equivelant of dozens upon dozens of pullups a day! My arms are in serious love! AND THANKS!!! (So here I am to the left, saying Oh Why Not, to another round of band work :))
I spent some time this week with a friend at Lithia Park, playing frisbee in the grass and learning about a deliciously refreshing springtime drink o' the garden...
Heres what I like to put in mine:

*Cilantro handful and or Parsley
* small apple
* 1/2 zucchini or cucumber
*3 radish
*collards or kale (approx 5 leaves)
* lemon juice, 3 ice cubes, cup water
* carrots, celery, you get the picture at this point I'm sure!
I then whirl it all up in my vita-mix and VOILA::::: Refreshing, exhuberating, joyful making, lovely tasting!
In other news, I am very happy to write that 2 of my art pieces (one oil painting and one poem) were chosen to be featured in the 2010 We'Moon date planner~a calendar for women, by women! It would be cool to see a men's version of this come out...is there such a thing?
I am blessed to have men in my life who have defined goodness, love, honor, devotion, integrity and heart, men who have gone against what the social norms are at present, to follow their truths and love their people, love their families, love themselves.
I would like to encourage you gents who follow the knightly path, chivalry needn't be a lost art. What is truly masculine is a beautiful thing to be learned from, it is a celebration! So to you men, who are of true heart and mind, who are steadfast in your vision, probably a bit old school, let us lift our glasses, our garden green drinks, our thanks! Bless you all well, in health, in heart, in all things inspired and wonder filled!!! You carry with you a powerful legacy. Here are the two most precious boys in my world, my nephews Finny and Gus~being raised by my sis and one of the best men I know!!! Love ya Jake xoxo