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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Risk It...

This weeks blog won't be verbose~our class is about risk, the importance of taking them often and challenging our inner workings in EVERY DAY to embody more life than we know how. Risk it all--for love, for life and for Heavens sake! Click on recorded conference above to get this weeks dose of Inspiration :) Love, blessings and outrageous blade walking....AR
ps this pic is one of those that just feels like a risk to post, so I am doing it :) Halloween 2008 I played Aunt Sam and call this photo~"Who Me?"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Your Friends

I am so blessed to have people in various locales that I consider not only friends, but bosom dear ones. There may be ages between visits and months go by without a word, but I know if ever I come around their neck o'the woods, I will be embraced with loving arms, hearts and time. I have spent the last days amongst friends in Northern California, getting to know new ones too and it has blessed my heart boldly and opened up even more authenticity in getting to know people, more deeply every time we meet. I encourage you to be curious, about old friends and new, to ask questions and listen, to be open to seeing the radiance of new faces, of familiars, just as if its the first time you look upon them. I have seen in this visit, my old impressions change into ones of absolute relish and tickle*ment! Get to know your friends all over and love em real good ;)
With Love and Curiousity,
Anna Rose
ps Just the blog this week, no new Recorded Conference~Im busy playing and frolicking and will even spend a day at the hotsprings! (...and I took this pic an hour ago of me and one of my favorite people, darling Michelle-my long time friend, play time companion and sister of all things girly, fabulous and dear! Not to mention our birthdays are perfect neighbors, the 28th and 29th of November :) )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Early Morn and Coy...

I wake up early, anywhere between 4 and 530 in the morning~on purpose mind you and there are a few specific reasons, I relish the:
Pastel moments of daybreak
Crisp fresh air and
Stillness of sound.
I live in the hills, where my morn cacophony includes the call of my sisters rooster, hungry Stellar's Jay and the soothing waterfall of my coy pond. The fish sometimes leap grandly in these hours and I oft sit on my porch, writing and sipping tea, as I am now. It's a relishing time for me and I recognize the days that I don't take this, I feel either a little frenzied or as Ive forgotten something major..In recognition of this, I make it a point to start my day off in a way I know I will appreciate for the rest of my waking hours. I run, write, tea and pray all before 7 am. My encouragement to you is to relish the hours of day that you do, discover a new something just for you in that time~whether it be the wee daybreak or the witching hours and on where late night becomes early morning. Take time for you, away from your household, phone calls, work and listen to the sounds of your own quiet...
Blessings, Anna Rose this weeks pics were both taken in Germany, about 4 years ago~one in appreciation of Gods kiss in the morning and another in appreciation of a good latte...foamed heart and all :)