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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Strength To Transform

To rewrite our lives, we must begin first with the uncomfortability of where we currently stand. In health, in finance, in career, in relationship~whatever it is, it must be awful before we decide to change it. To change ourselves and our circumstances from the inside out, there is one basic truth: Determination. This is the root of every aspect that will propel your transformation. To be determined to succeed, to heal, to be healthy and take on life, is the fuel you need to get wherever you must. Be resolute on your success, in the face of failure and others opinions, you must continue on. Push forward, face your fear, breakthrough blocks and rise up with the strenth of your WILL and be made new xoxo Your life depends on it! With Blessings, Anna Rose ***To receive my FREE Audio Report "What 700 Men Desire Most In a Woman" and get weekly intuitive inspirations~be sure to click the link above for Unleashing Intuition ezine:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Out With The Old...

Imagine undulating hills of moss green and fiery reds behind a foggy blanket, an old barn nestled amid this glorious expanse of varied farmlands that must roll on forever. The first settlers to Southern Oregon chose this very spot to park their wagon. I took a walk this weekend and this was one of my views. I relish the fall, I love every aspect of it-beginning chill, the exquisite display of color, the way the clouds roll in, all low and sultry. For me, Autumn is a time of great transformation, an opening between the worlds where the force of life is strong and capable of just about anything. Autumn's invitation of recreation, transformation and release. Cutting out the old, what no longer serves and making way for the new. Burn the old debris and welcome new growth...this week my Unleashing Intuition ezine is at: www.eepurl.com/bxXtT