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Monday, April 26, 2010

Choosing The Path With Heart

Well, for starters, my apologies, there is a blip on this weeks recording. To be true, I started talking, had a semi-daze and decided to start over... Sometimes a little perseverance goes a long way! That, as it were, is just what I am talking this week about, to choose the path with heart takes determination, it takes dearness, it takes looking at what is deep inside and knowing beyond anything that is what moves us. We must walk, dance, sprint, hop, whatever we can to find that thing which is true to our heart alone. It's not a thing we can be told, but we must discover, all by ourselves :) So this weeks class on Living In Joy and Inspiration is about looking if the path we are on is a path of heart, or not...check it out by clicking on RECORDED CONFERENCE above or calling (605)475-4899, access code 200564# (again, please stick through the first failed attempt of recording!) This weeks pics are of a gnome dwelling just outside my old cottage, the little fellow on the mushroom is all a'ponder...and here I am with my friend Dominique, speaking at our friends wedding on the beautiful New Hampshire coast..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming Home to the Body Temple

Greetings friends! May this weeks class be a reminder to honor what is deep within us, to dance our rhythms that get us back into the sweet spot-the solid place, the ground of our roots. When we know ourselves and what returns us home, to our truth, fire and unique expression, we shall not be moved-by anything or anyone...So here's to discovering our bodies, our temple, the sacred truths within each of us! I share a few morsels to get us back in there, every day, so that we can enter the world time and again, in all our power, our fabulous glory-that was planted within our body alone! You can either listen to this weeks talk by clicking above on RECORDED CONFERENCE or calling (605)475-4899, access code: 200564# Bless You Well In All Things, xo Anna Rose This weeks pics are about gettin in the body, in whatever way takes us deep...photographed here are 2 of my favorites-movement and nature

Monday, April 12, 2010

What's Your Baseline?

To follow our deepest values is to live life fully, from our truth and the seed of our spirit! May we blossom with precious reverence into living well, living good and whole heartedly-creating the life we were made to live. This week I talk about distractions, opinions, life scenarios that might potentially pull us out of our truth and the essential fact that we must, beyond anything, stand by what we KNOW is in alignment with who we ultimately are, who we want to become and what we value beyond anything else. Don't let any thing, small or big, pull you away from the garden of your spirit~it was planted long ago and only YOU can tend its soil! You can listen to this weeks talk by clicking on RECORDED CONFERENCE above, or call (605)475-4899, access code 200564#
Bless you well in all things, Anna Rose
This weeks pics were taken at the beach, Space Mountain and the entrance to Disneyland- right in the action and loving every minute of it...ps my family is made up of a BUNCH of hams who are passionate about relationship, life and all that comes with it :)