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Monday, August 16, 2010

Take the Mic and Do Your Thing!!!

So there I was, a spectator at the Bike It, hooting and hollering for the OUTRAGEOUSLY talented BMX tricksters last Saturday, when the announcer turned and said to me, "you better take this" and handed me the mic! Well, I grabbed it with gusto and started rapping with no clue of the BMX lingo~so I focussed on revving the crowd and supporting those fellers impressing us all with their skills! It was righteous in every way! I was thrilled to be on the mic and filled with inspiration being amongst people doing what they love, with all their precision, determination and skill. People--- life is precious, fleeting, dynamic and opportunistic~dare something worthy...(pictured below is Ashlands very own Dave Nourie, rockin his bike in all his glory!!! AWESOME JOB MR DAVE!) To listen to this weeks 10 min class, click on RECORDED CONFERENCE above :)

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