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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ignore it!!!

Click on RECORDED CONFERENCE to hear this weeks class! People will love to share their impressions, advice and opinion about what you're doing in your life--just to clear the air, this is very rarely of value to you. You gotta let this "honest process" be like water off a ducks back and let it roll! More often than not, this is the big oppressive thumb/extinguisher, when they see you are just a bit too....whatever. Its so much more interesting to be your unbridled self, whatever hat you wear, whatever your unique expression, be proud of it, pull those shoulders back and own it! With gusto or introversion, its yours!!! No matter what others say or how they treat you. Its a real pity to see what a little shaming can do to the spirit, don't support that kind of behavior, instead, uplift others and support their expression. The more we live life with all our unique quirkiness, the more we open the gates for others to do the same! So what are you waiting for, hmm? Pictured is my dear gnome Bob, he is a delight AND has ventured out far and wide. He has seen the underbelly of society and yet, look at him, choosing his company, putting himself out there and livin the dream!
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